September 5, 2006

Last time, Lucas!

I know how I'll be wasting (but with love!) hard-earned money one week from today. It is useless to resist. Damn.

TheForce.Net has a link to this forum thread at Somebody has posted several pictures of the DVD case artwork and promo material.

In the irony (I find it ironic) department, has 151 comparison photos, showing us what they themselves did to the original The Empire Strikes Back, just prior to the release of the 2004 Special Edition DVDs.
Most of it does appear to have been an improvement. They did too much to the Cloud City:I think the closed-in, claustrophobic whiteness fits in better with the idea of living up in a city up in the clouds. I wouldn't want there to be too many places to fall off!


Tracy said...

I'll be wasting the money with ya, no worries. *sigh* Damn you, George Lucas. You got me again.

Chris said...

Yes'm, lots of people are going to give in to the dark side of the force.

The original version of this post contained the following sentence when I posted it last night:

"Now, I need to find someone to watch it with in a bed."

But I didn't know how "public" (other than your blog visitors) you wanted your conversation with your friend to be, so I zapped it, earlier this morning.

Tracy said...

I got all blush-y when I read that! I wouldn't have minded if you posted it, no worries. If I didn't want people to know about the conversation I wouldn't have posted it on the blog. Torrie and I laughed ourselves silly when we were actually talking about it. Hee hee!