March 31, 2008

1960s TV Marvel Comics intros

Iron Man

"Iron Man" ("The Invincible Iron Man") (1966)


"Hulk" ("The Incredible Hulk") (1966)

Captain America

"Captain America" (1966)


"Mighty Thor" (1966)


"The Sub-Mariner" (1966)


"Spider-Man" ("The Amazing Spider-Man") (1967)

Fantastic Four

"Fantastic 4" (1967)

Of course what this all means is we are due a Mighty Thor and/or Sub-Mariner movie any day now, so you have that to look forward to.....


Dr. Ding said...

This post was super-cool!

I still have a massive crush on Prince Namor.

Personally, I really prefer the 1960s sorta crude, thick drawing style to today's stuff.

This makes me old school.

Chris said...

Thanks, doc!

Heh - I seem to remember he did have a certain, charismatic quality.

I'm not sure I prefer it, but the 60s style is certainly what I "cut my teeth on." I feel a strange sense of pride that I was among the first generation of kids to watch Speed Racer - the first anime cartoon.

Viagra said...

This brings tears to my eyes, this cartoon shows are the ones I grew up with. I wish any broadcast company could revive them in any way. By the way there's a Thor Movie in the way.

Viagra said...

These are all amazing cartoons!

Elliott Broidy said...

My faves.