April 2, 2008

Longview, Texas

s.h. kress & co. 5-10-25¢ store
S.H. Kress & Co. 5-10-25¢ Store...

...no more
kress building loft ad
the past is present

detail of kress building loft ad
kress ghost
raintree motel
a former, motor court style motel, the Raintree Motel

k & p lodge
k of p lodge
side view of glover-crim building
the Grover Glover-Crim Building

another angle on everett bldg.
the Everett Building, c. 1919 (Classical Revival style)

everett building
sno-white laundry
news-journal building
home of the News-Journal

news-journal sign
gregg county courthouse
Gregg County Courthouse, c. 1932 (Art Deco style)

gregg county courthouse facade detail
gregg county courthouse lamp
confederate memorial
dedicated to the confederate soldier


texmarc said...

Thanks for the Longview post. Unfortunately, Longview has be a city with a "tear it down" mentality when applied to older buildings. I'm sure you noticed the many empty lots in downtown.
One correction on the labels. The correct name for the 6 story building at Tyler and Fredonia Streets is the "Glover - Crim" Building. Both were families involved in the 1930's oil boom.
Thanks for the great photo essays.

Chris said...

Sadly, the ability to tear down old structures could be seen as a good thing. This means Longview has enough money to do so. Many small Texas towns can't afford to do that. Port Arthur (not exactly small), for example.

Thanks for the correction!