April 14, 2008

Palestine revisited

anderson county jail
Former Anderson County Jail
anderson county courthouse
Anderson County Courthouse, c. 1914, Renaissance Revival style
coca-cola ghost in palestine
Sometimes I impress even myself - that's a Coca-Cola ghost sign
dr. pepper ghost sign in palestine
I overlooked this Dr. Pepper ghost somehow on my first visit
dr. pepper ghost in alley
the redlands hotel
The Redlands Hotel, c. 1914
redlands hotel lobby entrance
c. e. dilley building
The C.E. Dilley Building, c. 1882
sacred heart church
Sacred Heart Church, c. 1890
tex-ann motel
I think I may have driven right by this beautiful neon sign the last time I visited Palestine. Hard to believe. It certainly made the return trip worthwhile!
tex-ann motel office
tex-ann motel neon signage

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