March 21, 2008

Austin by day

Maggie Mae's

frost bank tower in the morning
Frost Bank Tower

Some early morning neon at The Rio Grande:the rio grande neon in the morning light

austin neon
the rio grande neon sign
the onion newspaper dispenser
In a city like Austin, one can buy grab a copy of The Onion on nearly every downtown corner.
las manitas with neon signs on
SAVE Las Manitas!

avenue cafe neon sign lit
morning view of driskill hotel
The historic Driskill Hotel (c. 1886) with the Frost Bank Tower looming in the background
morley bros. ghost
Morley Bros.Drug Store ghost sign on Old Grove Drugstore building

another one of the old grove drugstore neon sign
the ritz theater, early morning
The Ritz (c. 1929) on 6th Street, early morning

centennial liquor neon sign
el patio mexican food neon sign
music legends artwork on the front of the varsity theater
Music legends of the old Varsity Theatre (c. 1936) down on The Drag

More artwork on the side:
varsity theater mural
full view of mural on former varsity theater
the castilian
My freshmen dorm, The Castilian

renaissance market mural
Renaissance Market on 6th Street mural

j & s koppel building
The J & S Koppel Building (1888), Congress Ave.

the robinson-rosner building
The Robinson-Rosner Building (c. 1892), Congress Ave.

phillips building
The Phillips Building (c. 1892, Victorian Romanesque revival) - was at one time Benson Motor Co., which sold Studebakers

studebaker ad on phillips building
joe koen & son jewelers sign in the sun
Joe Koen & Son Jewelers (since 1883) on Congress Ave.

state theater sign in the sun
State Theater (c. 1935) sign

calm before obama rally
The State Capitol building before the Obama rally

heroes of the alamo monument
Heroes of the Alamo monument on State Capitol grounds

confederate memorial on state capitol grounds
monument to the "Southern Confederacy" on State Capitol grouds

texas state capitol with blue skies
looking up at capitol


Hooliganyouth said...

The Onion is free.

Nice photos by the by.

Chris said...

Oh, thanks! I'll change that.