March 24, 2008

R.I.P. Neil Aspinall


"Neil Aspinall, the 'fifth Beatle', dies aged 66"

Another of The Beatles inner inner circle is gone. Neil Aspinall never got to write his memoir (as far as I know). He would have had some stories to tell! Aspinall was a childhood mate of Paul McCartney and George Harrison, attending the Liverpool Institute with both. He was with the group back in their Johnny and The Moondogs and The Silver Beatles days. No doubt there'd be no "Beatles" had Neil Aspinall not existed.

Aspinall and McCartney, circa 1968 (pic from)

He was a big part of The Beatles Anthology (behind and in front of the camera). In fact, based on what I read in The Longest Cocktail Party, Aspinall began amassing material for a Beatles documentary way back in the mid to late sixties. At that time, the title for it was going to be The Long and Winding Road, but I could be wrong.

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