March 28, 2008

"My One and Only Love"

I far prefer Sinatra's version of this, but this one is sublimely beautiful and exquisite, as well!

"My One and Only Love" was written by Guy Wood and Robert Mellin. The song was published in 1952. A version was done on the 1963 album John Coltrane and Johnny Hartman.


Kenna said...

YAY, BRAVO!!!! I just love this one. Hartman/Coltrane are two I cannot live without. The two together is nothing short of sublime. His voice is so, well, sexy. Thanks so much for this post! Did you listen to his version of "In the Wee Small Hours"?

Chris said...


No one else really sang that way, that's for sure. However he and Coltrane came together - whoever arranged that was a genius.

I did listen to it - I nearly did a post. I admire how different his version is from Sinatra's. There are verses in his version I've never heard, for one thing.