March 29, 2008

Photo Blogs of Distinction

bus station
the SoHo Journal has included my other blog in its "Photo Blogs of Distinction" feature.

In the article, they say:

"We went sightseeing online today. There are a lot of engaging, compelling photography blogs out there. Here are a few of our favorites..."

and later, about the blog:

"These are indeed lonely, but in a beautiful way. Gorgeous images of small town Texas life. Good stuff if you’re missing the small town you left to come here to the big city. Check it out here.

And remember, these sites all have excellent links sections to allow you to spend even more time at work looking at pretty pictures that aren’t porn. Enjoy!

the Soho Journal discovered my photo blog through a link from Frank Jump's awesome Fading Ad Blog. Thanks, Frank! And thanks, Soho Journal!

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