March 12, 2008

Austin after dark

club 115 neon martini
Club 115

avenue cafe
joe koen & son jewelers without flash
joe koen & son jewelers neon sign with flash
full view of the paramount theatre
The Paramount Theatre, built in 1915 as the Majestic

the paramount theatre marquee
kruger's jewelers
I couldn't take enough pics of Kruger's Jewelers!

kruger's jewelers neon sign
further shot of texas state capitol building
State Capitol Building, built in 1888

texas state capitol building
the texas state capitol building
ritz theater sign
The Ritz, built in 1929 down on 6th Street

the ritz theater
soho lounge neon sign
Soho Lounge

old grove drugstore sign
Old Grove Drugstore

the driskill hotel at night
The Driskill, c. 1886

music shop window

1 comment:

dana said...

Great pics of the State Capital Bldg. I didn't realize the building was that large. I liked the martini glass neon. It's purdy!!