June 19, 2007

"You might want to skim the Peter Lawford off your pool."

Royal Wedding 1951

In 1979, Peter Lawford was in around seven minutes of a cheap ripoff of "Charlie's Angels" called Angels' Revenge (a.k.a. Angels' Brigade, a.a.k.a. Seven from Heaven). In addition, the movie had several other "has-been" actors, such as Jim Backus and Alan Hale, whose popularity had fallen since the 1960s. Jack Palance played the main heavy. Lawford was "Burke," a drug kingpin. I'm fairly certain he was drunky slop for all seven minutes of screen time.

Prior to 1979, the only film Lawford had done was something in 1976 called Won Ton Ton, the Dog Who Saved Hollywood (was there not a dog to save Lawford?). Other than that, before doing Angels' Revenge, he had only worked two times - in a 1977 "Fantasy Island" episode and a "Hawaii Five-O" from 1978. I most likely would have never heard of Angels' Revenge (nor would you have) unless it had been used in a 1995 episode of "Mystery Science Theater 3000" (Mike era). Here are Lawford's seven minutes:

Not really related to Lawford, but something I have to include is Playboy Playmate of the Month for January 1977, Susan Kiger, taking part in a disco musical number called "Shine Your Love." Kiger played one of the "Angels."

sample lyric:

"Shine shine, shine your love
Shine shine, shine your love
Shine shine, shine your love
Shine shine, shine your love"

"It was a lot easier to entertain in the '70s." - Tom Servo

"In the '70s, you could take an abstract concept like 'shining your love' and just go with it." - Mike Nelson

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