June 26, 2007


Calvert, Texas (population: 1,426), is 9 miles NW of Hearne, 28 miles NW of Bryan, 33 miles NW of College Station, and 55 miles SE of Waco.

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From TexasEscapes.com:

The town’s namesake, Robert Calvert, established a plantation around 1850. In 1873 a severe yellow fever epidemic killed many in the community. In 1899 the town suffered floods and in 1891 a fire burned much of the town’s center.

For the last 35 years Calvert has enjoyed a relative success as an antique “capital.” Steady traffic on Highway 6 and the towns halfway position between Waco and Bryan / College Station has helped.

Calvert’s buildings, if not totally restored have at least been kept up and present an attractive row of 19th century buildings. The length of main street is evidence of the town’s prosperous history...

Any town that has ceramic bowls embedded in a wall and a bright yellow sculpture of a person on a bicycle (which I'm pretty sure wasn't real) is all right with me.

The Eloia Theatre was named after the owner's wife, Eloise. A fire destroyed much of the theater in the late 1940s, but a subsequent renovation modernized the facility.


Chasrich said...

That's somewhat unusual- a town of this size keeping their buildings restored or in decent shape. Unfortunately, most of the towns of this size or smaller (i.e., Bartlett, Granger) have historical buildings that are dilapidated and in need of repair.

Chris said...

I generally only take pictures of buildings that are in pretty good condition, or aesthetically pleasing somehow, and alot of the ones I take don't make it to posts. In other words, Calvert has its share of dilapidated buildings.