June 20, 2007


Atalanta, Texas (population: 5,745), is 25 miles SW of Texarkana and 10 miles W of the Arkansas state line. Named after the city in Georgia by early settlers from that state, Atlanta was "born" in 1871 when the Texas and Pacific Railroad arrived and the post office opened.

I suppose Cinderella Man (2005) wasn't enough to keep it open for business.

I'm always sure to stop by anytime I'm in Atlanta.


Former Atlanta National Bank (c. 1928), now a fine arts gallery

Atlanta depot and caboose


Chasrich said...

I'm sure that in many towns of this aize, most of the downtown businesses (at least the ones still in operation)have moved out to the edge of town thoroughfare.

pbcbstudios said...

really enjoy this blog - i visit it frequently -

Chris said...

That's exactly what happens, chasrich. It's more than just Wal-Mart that has decimated small towns.

I'm glad you like it, pbcstudios. I do my best, and I aims to please.