June 28, 2007

One night with Elvis

For Elvis Collectors Only (click on "Candid Central") has updated its Candid Central section with some fantastic pictures:

At Frank Senne's Moulin Rouge in Los Angeles with Kitty Dolan on March 11, 1958 (pic and caption from For Elvis Collectors Only)

Here's what the Moulin Rouge looked like, by the way:

From The US Gen Web Project

At designer Sy Devore's October 31, 1957, Halloween party with actress Jeanne Carmen, dressed as a "squaw" (pic and caption from For Elvis Collectors Only; click here to see a picture featuring Jeanne's assets)

Jeanne Carmen was/is quite a broad. The sometimes called "Queen of the B-Movies" got around, and she has held up amazingly well (the wonders of good plastic surgery):

Jeanne & Tony Curtis at his wedding to Jill Vandenberg: MGM Grand Hotel: penthouse suite: Las Vegas, Nevada (pic and caption from her official site)

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