November 12, 2008

"Is That You, Mrs. Peel?"

From the Wikipedia entry:

Johnny Dankworth composed The Avengers' original theme tune, a syncopated jazz number, which was reworked for the third series. When Diana Rigg joined the series, the new title sequence was accompanied by a fresh theme by Laurie Johnson, a catchy, brassy tune designed to promote the "English eccentricity" of the show. Johnson also provided incidental music, and subsequently collaborated with Clemens on other projects, including the theme for the later New Avengers revival.


amy said...

Fun. I really only know Diana Rigg from PBS's Mystery! in the late 80'. I think that's about all I watched in the evenings in high school - PBS with my parents! The opening music from the Avengers reminded me slightly of Mad Men opening music, although The Avengers is much more brassy.

Chris said...

Yes, she was but a shadow of her former self by the time she was doing those PBS programs. I guess Mad Men is very much trying to capture that aesthetic.

S R Management said...

My favorite Avengers episode was called "The House That Jack Built". Now that was television in its heyday.