November 25, 2008

High def. Trek trailer

I just don't know about this "new" Star Trek coming out in May. I really want to like it. God knows I want to like it. I want to get in to it. But the whole Star Wars prequels experience left me a bit jaded and cynical about this type of thing. Sure, it looks really slick, just like the Star Wars prequels did/do. I'd guess that Industrial Light & Magic did the effects. But it still feels weird with the younger cast and all. I think the Kirk and Spock fight looks stupid, and the "sexualizing" of Uhura is irksome. The whole thing makes me feel strangely unfaithful to the original show(!). In this new trailer, the Eric Bana/Romulan character at the end seems too much like Darth Maul in the Episode I teaser, where he says: "At last we will present ourselves to the Jedi. At last we will have revenge," or whatever it is that character said. In fact, the whole preview feels way too Star Wars prequel-ly. You heard me - prequel-ly.

That logo, that insignia

If the makers of this "re-imagining" of Star Trek only knew what happens to me every single time I've watched this preview, and that insignia and logo (the ones I spent hours and hours and hours drawing and redrawing in Big Chief pads, along with communicators, phasers, tricorders, and of course, the Enterprise, when I was roughly ages 3-12 in the early to mid-70s) appear on screen to the accompaniment of three familiar notes from the theme played on shimmering xylophone...if they only knew what happens to me (like Pavlov's dog, without the drool), they'd make damn sure the movie is worth a flip. I think Simon Pegg might actually work as an alternative to James Doohan. Notice I said "alternative." This is coming from a guy (me) who was a member of the Jimmy Doohan Fan Club when I was eleven years old. Doohan could never be replaced, nor could any of the original cast members, as far as I'm concerned. I bet that "Buckle up" line from Kirk comes at the very end of the film (notice how he's finally dressed in the original, faded-orange uniform), so as to guarantee interest in a sequel, I can't help but feel a little excited when he says it.

EBiN c. 1977

Anyway, that's my two cents. Ain't It Cool News has three high resolution versions of the preview with an added surprise (potential spoiler alert), but for this post, here is the version you've no doubt already seen, so nanoo, nanoo:


gilligan said...

I love your starship commander card from your childhood - this, I think, gives you street cred in the Trekkie world.

Anyway, I'm optimistic about the film... but I have no logical reason for feeling this way except for a blinding white hot desire for this movie to be good.

Chris Doohan said...

Hi, I enjoyed reading your blog and I agree with you about Simon Pegg. I believe that his Scotty is his own creation and that's the way it should be. Having seen him in action, and actually having a scene with him, confirms that for me.

If my dad were alive today, he would be very happy with Simon as the new Scotty.

Beam me up, Simon! The ship isin good hands.

Chris Doohan

Leigh said...

Wow, Chris, thank you! This is very exciting.

Mr. Science and I are Trekkers from WAY back . . . I still have the novelizations of all the TOS episodes done by James Blish (actually, our oldest daughter officially owns them now, but they're still in my house for safety).

And how cool is it that Chris Doohan has posted here? I'll admit I was somewhat disappointed with the choice of Simon Pegg; I was rooting for Paul McGillion of Stargate because of his resemblance to James Doohan. But if Scottie's son give him a vote of confidence, I'll certainly give Mr. Pegg a chance.

Leigh said...

oops, "Scottie's son gives him . . ."

Leigh said...

Oops, "Scotty", not "Scottie". I did the same thing yesterday with Molly Ivins; for some reason I've got an ie/y mixup going in my brain.

Cappy said...

Very sorry to report that Mrs. Gene Rodenberry passed away recently.

Are you anywhere near Arlen, Tx?

Chris said...

Hey all! Wow - Chris Doohan!! It is very cool he made an appearance here!

Cappy, I knew about Majel's death. Very sad, indeed. I'm not near Arlen, but I have run into Hank Hill at the Wal-Mart in Longview.