November 15, 2008

Red River Candy Co.

red river candy co.
"Enjoy some every day!"
Alexandria, Louisiana


tony said...

i wonder if he was the original CandyMan ?

Anonymous said...

WOW! I'm so excited your travels finally got you to the old hometown. Even funnier, is that I think we crossed paths. I traveled down from NC after many, many years to attend the LSU/BAMA game and drove up to Alec that night and took a tour with an old friend that Sunday. I visited your flickr site and saw the Hocus Pocus photos as well. Rebecca Wells (YaYa Sisterhood book series) uncle owned the store. She references it frequently and it's quite famous and is one of the early influences upon my love of all camp. Overall however, what a sad trip it was for me to return after 20 years. But, what a GREAT place to grow up. As you say, only in Louisiana.
All the best,