November 2, 2008

Eagle Lake

goose hunting capital OF THE WORLD crop
Eagle Lake

the frank stephens co.
eagle barber shop
eagle lake historical marker
eagle market
gas station in eagle lake
This place is right down the road from the house in which my mother grew up, and my grandparents lived.

buildings on mccarty ave in eagle lake
s. mccarty ave. in eagle lake
My paternal grandmother worked in a clothing store which was in one of these buildings, located on McCarty Avenue. My grandparents frequently took my sister, cousins, and me to visit a store when we were little called "Fink's," which was still set up like an old time general store. I seem to remember it had wooden floors. They had great toys - huge bins of them. It was also in one of these buildings on McCarty Ave., but I forget which.

frank stephens co. building
My maternal grandfather worked for Frank Stephens, in Eagle Lake, during the 1930s. The were paid in Frank Stephens dollars.

front view of dairy delite
Heading out of Eagle Lake on U.S. 90.

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Anonymous said...

What a nice surprise to see Eagle Lake through your lens! Fink's was in the building that is now Tyler Studio. Someone stole "Rice" from that Drug Store sign - my Granny worked there and we'd go visit her and have a snack at the lunch counter all the time. Wish there were still places like that around to visit!