April 13, 2006

"Day In, Day Out"

He's singing to you, and only you.

Here's the opening number for the November 13, 1967, TV special A Man and His Music + Ella + Jobim. You can tell Sinatra is in high spirits, and everything is working great (the voice, the cameras, the band, etc.). He was so professional and on top of the technical and logistical aspects of live performance (he always knows, for example, which camera is on him).

Remember, this is LIVE. Think of all the mistakes that could have been made but aren't. The orchestra is comprised of many musicians, any of who could have made a mistake. It all just clicks.


Fuzzball said...

Wait a minute...

....do you like Sinatra?

Well this is news to me.


BTW I loved loved loved the Frank/Elvis post!

Chris said...

Yeah, I know. No celebrity gossip, or anything remotely relevant, here.

Thanks, that makes two of us.