April 18, 2006

Play N' Show

A big problem with American society is how kid-centered it has become. People's lives seem to revolve around their children. Compounding the problem is the number of divorce situations in which the parents compete against one another to be the "favorite" parent. This can lead to children receiving a lot of the things they want, but do not need.

For example, my sister and I begged and begged our parents to let us have a TV in our rooms, to no avail. Today, many kids not only have a TV, they probably also have a DVD player, numerous DVDs, and at least one video game console with an assortment of games. If the MySpace craze is any indication, many children also have computers and internet access. And I'm talking about families who are probably considered to be at poverty level. Credit cards are a hell of a drug.

Here is the type of thing Generation X had to settle for:

Yes, it's the Play N' Show. Slip in the phonograph:

project onto any wall:

and you're in bidness:

Hours of fun! Or, fun until you break it! Obviously, batteries are required:


My brother has a real color TV!

Cranky older brother

It's not a TV!

It's Kenner's Play N' Show.

I reiterate--awwwwww

Isn't this a nice TV!?

Leave it to grumpy big brother to spoil the fun:

It's not a TV.

What a bitch. He looked like this later in life:

And by "later in life" I obviously mean until he died from an overdose of pills at the age of 59 on August 25, 1984.

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