April 29, 2006

A hit before your mother was born

The Beatles could get a little bit weird, and it gave them (and their image) its edge.

Witness Magical Mystery Tour:
They were whacked out of their minds.

Without their proclivity for bizarre behavior, they'd have been nothing more than (which I still love):

You think Paul was maybe a bit more into it than the other guys? Lennon was cuckoo for coco puffs. You also wonder how many takes it took to get that. Could that have been the first take? The false ending makes me think it could be. Whatever the case, that's classic Beatles.

Magical Mystery Tour


Anonymous said...

I really love the Magical Mystery Tour film, though I know some people think its total rubbish. The spontaneity and the obvious insanity are really fun. I especially enjoy the "performance" of 'Your Mother Should Know'. Thanks for posting it !

Chris said...

I too love Magical Mystery Tour. It is rubbish, but I agree, it is infused with the spirit of the times. My favorite part is "I Am the Walrus", but "Your Mother Should Know" is a great example of why people love The Beatles.

Lisa said...

This is like seeing an old friend -- Magical Mystery Tour was the first album I ever bought, circa age 6. My parents let me pick one out @ the record store and I was drawn to that one, probably because of the funny animal costumes on the front. I've always thought it was a very good record, but I never saw the movie...

Chris said...

The music is great; the movie, not so much. But because it's The Beatles, it's mandatory for purveyors of pop culture.