April 21, 2006


The paper in the window means this shop is either shutting down or, and this is my hope, it means a new display is under construction. I think the place has a charming, late 50s, early 60s quality. The window displays are simple and tacky, but quaint. And it has two of the hardest working mannequins in downtown clothing store display business. But time has probably passed it by. Every time I see it, I think "the end of an era".
If they do shut it down, I'll have to feel a little bit guilty about it, because I've never even stepped foot inside. If I did, it would be to buy one of these awesome hats (this is the window currently blocked out):
But, I'm not a cowboy, and we don't live in a world where a white man can wear something like this (no matter how much I yearn):And no men wear hats like these, anymore:Well, some men still do:One more:
Hey there cutes, put on your Basie boots and come-dance-with-me,
Come dance with me, what an evening for-some-terp-si-chore.

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