April 24, 2006

last picture show

Navasota, Texas

Dude-don't get anything with mushrooms on it there. Trust me.

Brenham, Texas

What will people in a big ol' state like Texas do when gas prices are $4 and $5 a gallon? I'm doing my part. Might our, gasp, lifestyles have to change?


glenda said...

Nice pictures of a Texas rural town.

Chris said...

Thanks, glenda. Make that two Texas rural towns (Brenham and Navasota).

Anonymous said...

Next time you go through there, there is a big old house on the "main drag" that always says "estate sale". Stop and go in and look around just to see the inside of the poor aging beauty.

Chris said...

Thanks for the suggestion, anonymous. Next time I go through Navasota, I'll look for it!

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