April 6, 2006

Far Out Spacenuts

Sorry for no new content today. Long day yesterday (Wednesday), and I didn't get in until 11-ish. Part three of the heart-warming story of Patrick Bateman (American Psycho), which I've sub-titled "The Bloodening", will be up tonight, so prepare for a bloody good time. But for now, I got another one of these today:

From their email:

"Dear Humanoid:

Blog in Space apologizes to each and every blogger not yet reading Chris Adams's blog. Have you checked it out lately? Not only does it get the Blog in Space team more excited than winning lottery numbers and fried twinkies, but they've got Intergalactic fame fighting for your right to Intergalactic Freedom of Speech!

This certificate hereby signifies that on April 1, 2006 the Blog in Space team confirmed with Deep Space Communications Network that lift-off of transmission number 8 took place at approximately 9:30 p.m. with Chris Adams's blog transmitting for 48 minutes! Will this launch from Cape Canaveral, Florida bring us the discovery thousands of us bloggers have been waiting for? We feel good, real good."

At least they didn't tell me I stink, this time. As if I have the The Indie Virus, or something.


Fuzzball said...

Ewwwwww blooooood...I can't wait!

mwah hah hah HAH!

Chris said...

mwah hah hah HAH!, indeed.