December 7, 2005

lost in space

From their email:

"Dear Humanoid:

No, it's not your imagination. The stars have been shining a bit more brightly the last few evenings. Solar forces are quieting, making the Universe conducive for travel between Solar Systems. Currently, your blogs are being hurled through space at roughly eight billion times the speed of light!

At approximately 3:05 p.m. on the late afternoon of December 5, 2005 at North Latitude of 28* 23' 18" and West Longitude of 80* 36' 18" traveling at a direction of Azimuth 200 degrees at an elevation of 65 degrees on a 5945 MHz frequency, your message was beamed into deep space.

While we have yet to confirm contact of any of our 'Most Likely to be Contacted', we are getting reports of satellite dish interference and suspicious lights in the middle of the night. Communication is imminent, so make sure you refer your friends and be added to the list!

Indeed, the question isn't if you'll receive extraterrestrial contact, but when?!"

It's fun to pretend.

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