December 13, 2005

Do I get a monkey butler now?

Mr. Teeny

My head is spinning...recovering from an ego hangover. Must I come down? Did yesterday really happen?? But it wasn't a dream. It was a place, and you [Hunk] and you [Hickory] and you [Zeke] and you [Professor Marvel] were there.

On my daily trek through favorite sites yesterday morning, I saw f at happy palace (is there a cooler name on the Web? It evokes such great mental images) had a post about something new, and untested--my Lonely Pictures blog. I would have come up with a much better name if I'd known it would get any attention at all ("Camera Obscura", "Picturesque", and "Circle of Confusion" were all taken, folks). The King of Blogs, Keith Milford, feels this is a sign I've arrived. I'm filled with a lot of the same feelings of unworthiness as I had a few months back when I started this blog, and Keith listed me with other links at his Old Haunts site. Just to get linked was/is a huge deal to me. Thanks, f, you are truly the greatest pirate to have ever flown the skull and crossbones. Argh.

But, my day was just beginning. Earlier, cityrag updated with the latest edition of Madamism ("the overworked faces of fading celebrities").

You know that dirty feeling you get when you're reading the latest release of mean-spirited venom at go fug yourself, and you realize, as you wipe away the tears caused by convulsive laughter at the cold, hard truth contained within their comments, that the joy you feel is somehow wrong? That's a little bit of what I feel with Madamism--it's true, it's hilarious, they deserve it, but, should I be laughing? Yes, yes I should be.

I came back to cityrag about thirty minutes later (it's a bit boring at my job some mornings) and did a double take. It sure looked as if some screencaps I'd done for a post about a little-known Sinatra movie called Tony Rome about a month ago were now featured prominently above the Madamism post. When I saw the unwieldy name of this blog (forgive me) within the post, I very nearly had to go home for a change of pants.

cityrag linked to me around a month ago, and I quietly, not wanting to jinx it, have said nothing about it as I've tried to figure out why they did. What post did I do that got the attention of such an excellent blog? How can I replicate whatever it was they liked over, and over, and over again? Seriously, I'm mystified. But to be featured? Holy crap. I've been a big fan for a while, and now I'd be willing to have their children, even though I have neither a womb, nor Fallopian tubes. But I'll try really, really hard. I promise.

Yet neither of those stratospheric, emotional epiphanies could compare to being a "New Blog Crush" at Laugh It Up, Fuzzball. Would they just as soon kiss a wookie? Because, I can arrange that.

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