December 31, 2005

EarthCam's New Year's Eve Special Event

I've loved EarthCam since the first time I visited it. I still think it's extremely cool a person can be sitting at a computer in Texas and see live images of London or Paris or New York City. For the 10th consecutive year, EarthCam is featuring live coverage from Times Square on New Year's Eve. My favorite of the NYC cams since I got broadband is the streaming one. A while back, I was able to sort of feel cityrag's pain when the Howard Johnson's in Times Square shut down, because it was once clearly visible in an EarthCam cam I've frequently viewed.

EarthCam will probably be a little slower today due to increased site traffic, so be patient.

It was, at time of this post (8:45 am, central time), snowing down in Times Square.

Here are some images from other webcams you might like:

The Strand--Galveston, Texas

Harbor House at Pier 21--Galveston, Texas

Moody Gardens--Galveston, Texas

I was born and grew up on Galveston Island, so I love those!

La Grange, Texas

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