March 2, 2010


W5RAn is featuring my photography, at least for three hours. It's always interesting (and educational) to see one's work through another's eyes. In other words, which of my pictures are any good? I often wonder.

W5RAn chose my shot of the 1935, Art Deco Heights Theater in Houston of all my pictures as the one to feature. Perusing their photography archive, I had in fact wondered where I fit in to their aesthetic and tastes, and if someone at W5RAn had not made some mistake in their selection of me. My first submission is my shot of the Henry Beissner House. We'll see if they run that one.

In case you didn't know:

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D’Ette Cole, previous co-owner of Uncommon Objects, whose artistic stylings for Patti Griffin were nominated for a Grammy, is the lead editor of


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