March 19, 2010

Seeing signs in Austin

austin motel signage
The Austin Motel

don-mar motor court neon sign
The old Don-Mar Motor Court was torn down back in 2005, and condos are set to fill the empty space. Maybe they will leave the sign up? I was very pleased and surprised to find it still stood.

don-mar motor court neon sign

bel air motel
bel air motel

the frisco shop neon sign

sandy's frozen custard and root beer neon sign
Sandy's Hamburgers

the continental club neon sign
The Continental Club, c. 1957

nau's enfield drug
Nau's Enfield Drug has been around since 1951.

nau's enfield drug neon sign

anthony's laundry & dry cleaning neon sign
Anthony's Laundry & Dry Cleaning, since 1951, with my new favorite:

anthony's laundry & dry cleaning neon sign


Gunnar and Sherry said...

Love these!

Chris said...

Austin has some great, vintage neon, doesn't it?

Amy said...

If I could somehow obtain a shrunken version of that Anthony's laundry neon sign for my own laundry room, I'd be more pleased about doing the wash.

The Bel Air motel sign makes me happy too. Great signage.

Chris said...

I too love the laundry basket sign. So unique and evocative of its era. You don't see many like that anymore.