March 1, 2010

Shots from weekend strolls

old opera house
the old opera house
This is the Old Opera House, built in 1888, and designed by Diedrich Rulfs. Legend has it, the Marx Brothers had fortuitous night in that very building.


m.g. hazel building/old commercial national bank
Right across from the Old Opera House, this the the Old Commercial Bank/M.G. Hazel Building. It was built in 1901, and designed by Diedrich Rulfs.

maria davidson apartments (side view)
Here is a side view of the Maria Davidson Apartments. Built in 1928, this is considered to be one of the last of Diedrich Rulfs' designs. He would not have lived to see it, passing away in 1926. The building is the Spanish Revival/Mission style. Ironically, despite the fact Nacogdoches was a Spanish colony as one of its earliest incarnations, this is perhaps the only building in town done in the Spanish Revival style. It is certainly the only one Rulfs did, making it an experiment in my mind.

view of roland jones house from corner of hospital and church streets
When those trees are full of their leaves, this view of the Roland Jones House doesn't really exist, so I've made a couple of attempts over the last couple of winter months to get a good one at this angle. This is the view from the corner of Church and Hospital Streets.

behind the roland jones house
Built in 1895 by Diedrich Rulfs, this is the rear view. And finally, the front, "classic" view of this, Rulfs' Victorian masterpiece:

the roland jones house

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