March 27, 2010

Gulf Coast Deco X & 1/4

Not quite enough this time to warrant a full numerical designation...Scraps and redos, really.

peden co. building
Last time I tried to get the 1929 Peden Co. Building, I wasn't too happy with the results. This one is a little bit better.

tower community center
Barely visible in the background of another picture, this the Tower Community Center c.1937, architect: Joseph Finger

tower community center

It may not seem like much now, but here it is back in 1938:
Houston Metropolitan Research Center, Houston Public Library

pilgrim's cleaners
This Pilgrim's Cleaners on Westheimer (in Houston) looks like Deco to me, but I'm not sure about that. It's pretty neat though.

pilgrim's cleaners

A different cleaners, a frickin' cool vintage neon sign:
warren's laundry & cleaners neon sign

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    Amy said...

    Well, the Tower Community Center was neutered by subsequent owners for sure. It's pretty bleak now compared to its former Deco glory. If that's progress, I say no thanks.

    I thought at first that the attached awning at the PIlgrim Cleaners was Googie-style but then again, the roundness makes it more Deco. Whatever it is, it's cool.

    Chris said...

    Neutered is very apt. I agree - where did that Deco style go?? I guess people will be looking back at our era some day and saying the same thing (as hard to believe as that may be).

    I couldn't find any info about that Pilgrim's Cleaners. It is cool, and it might be Googie or Deco. The asymmetry and roundness (as you said) would suggest Deco.