January 10, 2007

Some favorite scenes from...

Here are three scenes from A Clockwork Orange (1971) that are perhaps less obvious to select as "favorites." These are before and after scenes in which "Alex and his three droogs tolchock an old veck, razrez his books, pull off his outer platties and take a malenky bit of cutter." This blog is rated PG, after all.

First is the scene just prior to the infamous "Singin' in the Rain" segment in which Alex (Malcolm McDowell) and his droogs tear down a dirt road, while it's "country dark" in his "Durango 95" (it always reminds me of one of the vehicles from UFO), playing "hogs of the road." I tend to shriek like Dim does when I drive in heavy traffic:

Next is the scene where we learn of Alex's intense love for the music of his beloved Ludwig van:

My exact expression when listening to my beloved Francis Albert

Finally is the scene when Alex is in a record store, and he observes a couple of young ladies doing something "cold and pointless." I love how the store still looks sort of futuristic, yet is clearly of the early '70s. The sly placement of the 2001: A Space Odyssey soundtrack album and mention of the fictional group "The Heaven Seventeen" are also a couple of my favorite things about it:

Stanley Kubrick


Leslie said...

I saw this movie in college and I must say it still freaks me out and lots of things remind me of it even though I've only seen it once!

Chris said...

It is freaky! I saw it at a young age, and it definitely left a mark.