January 30, 2007


Mineola, Texas is 80 miles E of Dallas on Hwy 80 and 25 miles NE of Canton. The town came into existence when the railroads built lines through this part of the state. A city government was organized in 1873, a post office opened in 1875, and the town incorporated in 1877.

As usual, the lure was an old movie theater, in this case, The Select Theater:

According to the plaque, the facade is the 1948 remodeling done to the original (1920). The "new neon tower had a two-part revolving base, stood 24 feet above the ground, and was visible for miles." It is the last remaining movie house in Wood County.

The 1912 First National Bank - according to the Texas Historical Commision plaque, the bank was chartered in 1898. It was built in 1912 and is "a blend of stylistic influences," including Italian Renaissance and beaux arts. This building served as the bank's home until 1965.

The Henry Hotel (thank goodness for that free parking!):

turning the corner...

The Beckham Hotel is a genuine railroad hotel, built to house passengers as well as railroad employees laying over between runs. Located on Commerce Street in the downtown area, the hotel sits directly across the tracks from the Amtrak station. Several rooms overlook the tracks. The present brick structure was completed in 1927 after a fire razed the first (ca. 1880s) hotel. Big bands were said to have played in the upstairs ballroom during the 1920s and 1930s. (info. from A Trackside Motel)


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