January 8, 2007

Making Love

The Beatles' Love "is the soundtrack to a Cirque du Soleil show that celebrates The Beatles and their legacy." (Capitol Records © 2006)

Love is primarily the work of Giles Martin, son of the actual "fifth Beatle," George Martin. He received the remaining Beatles' approval and encouragement after playing them a demo tape he put together, adding percussion to "Here Comes the Sun" and "I Am the Walrus."

The result is an interesting new spin on the old songs. Love is peppered throughout with brilliant, logical collages of songs which reveal commonalities (between the songs) you would never otherwise have noticed. There are several moments on the disc that I think reveal Giles' knowledge of and appreciation for the Beatles' music and personal history. For example, anyone familiar with the history of John's mother know how perfect the "Julia" half of "Eleanor Rigby/Julia (Transition)" is.

Check out NPR's interview with Giles Martin (listen to the interview). For Beatles' fans, there's some really interesting information about how Giles and his father made sweet Love.


Becca said...

I was skeptical about what seemed like yet another way to cash in on The Beatles but after listening to Love I was very impressed.

Chris said...

I had the same feeling - another repackaging....

But beatles.com had a ten second clips of each song, and they sounded very good, and the mash-ups were interesting. That's what sold me.

It's pretty darn good.