July 5, 2006

Mal Evans home movies

Mal Evans is best known as having been the roadie, assistant, and friend to the Beatles. He was part of their private, inner circle. He apparently went through a period where he filmed everything, using an 8mm camera. Some of those films were transferred onto video. This is a compilation I made of some of the more interesting parts, with appropriate soundtrack (the films are silent), added by me.

You will first see Mal and Paul boarding an NBC News Lear Jet they appear to be sharing. It is April, 1967.

Can you guess which one is Paul McCartney?

If you guessed the person with the blue socks, you were correct.

It looks like Paul signed autographs during the flight.

How would you like to own one of those?!

They were traveling to the United States, first visiting Paul's girlfriend, Jane Asher, in Denver, Colorado. From there, they went to Los Angeles, meeting with Beatles' publicist Derek Taylor at his Hollywood Hills home (the one he was renting on Blue Jay Way). It is on the flight back to England that Paul conceived of the Magical Mystery Tour film.

Shocking proof The Beatles were harmful to youth:

Beatle Paul hands Derek Taylor's daughter...


...that she proceeds to put in her mouth...

It's a cigarette. Now, where would she have learned to do that?

Derek Taylor

I'd say that girl was doomed to be a smoker, like her dad, who died of cancer.

Taylor must have taken Mal and Paul on some sightseeing, because the film footage shows them driving around Los Angeles.

The last bit of Los Angeles footage is of Derek Taylor, McCartney, and Mal Evans at some kind of outdoor mall, decorated with the latest, trendy designs:
At the high school I went to, one of the cafeterias had those things on the walls.

Paul, no doubt setting the trends

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