July 25, 2006

Keep out the bushes!

Photo by Chad Greene, The Galveston County Daily News

Jesse Jackson was on the Texas Gulf Coast, Monday, to march outside BP in Texas City, protesting gas prices and worker safety. This reminded me of back in 1984 when he was a presidential candidate, and I "covered" his arrival in Galveston for my high school's newspaper. I thought I'd share some of the pictures I took, forever putting them "out there," into the vast internets.

Arrival at Scholes Field

Security was tight. Apparently, the sky was completely white back in those days.
I became very self-conscious, and even paranoid, whenever I raised my camera. It seemed like that officer was always looking at me. I guess I shouldn't have shown up looking like this:

The sea of jerry curls parted, and I got my shot, er, my picture.

Somewhat unrelated, but because I found it with the Jackson photos, I include it:
The only white guys to participate in the Ball High School, end of school year talent show. Yes, we had groupies. At least I did. Good times. I'm rocking out on the Les Paul. We were playing The Police's "Wrapped Around Your Finger," hence our singer's outfit. You see, there used to be these things called "music videos," and in the one for that song, Sting wore.....oh, nevermind.

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