July 25, 2006

Grand Theft Auto-mania

I just completed Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories (on PS2), and besides the occasionally dark, impossible-to-see-a-damn-thing graphics, I enjoyed it quite a bit. Maybe Rockstar will fix that problem before they transistion Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories from PSP to PS2 (assuming they do). GTAVice.com has a shot of that game's cover art:

I grew up on Galveston Island, during the 1980s, so playing GTA: Vice City was sometimes, oddly, yet pleasurably, like time travel.

The countdown for GTA IV has begun, and someone from Planet Grand Theft Auto has created this cool teaser trailer (it's really more of a history of the franchise than a teaser, but it will get you excited if you like the games).
The waiting is the hardest part, and the buildup for these games is intense, once it begins. Until then, to tide over rabid fans, there's this series of films entitled "PEDS" (pedestrians). It is a machinima based off of the GTA: Vice City game engine. Over the course of its fourteen episodes, the creators imagine what would happen if a few of those various pedestrians, mindlessly wandering around the game environment, saying those random, bizarre things, suddenly became aware of their own existence, and questioned it. It's fairly hit and miss, but a humorous concept, overall. Season one is available for Podcast or at the official website.

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    Fuzzball said...

    This will probably out me as a terribly uncool person, but...I really don't understand these games. I guess I just don't get the whole kill/rape/pillage fantasy thing. Is it a guy thing?

    Chris said...

    It could be a guy thing. I'm probably in the minority, because I tend to avoid running over the pedestrians and the whole bludgeoning-the-prostitutes aspect. I love them for the challenge and the beautiful graphics. They really are video game as art. There's a lot of humor, as well.

    Fuzzball said...

    I totally understand what you're saying. :)