May 11, 2006

Pet Sounds promos

Brian-hanging on to his ego

Here is footage taken from two promotional films made for The Beach Boys 1966 album, Pet Sounds. Both are in the excellent Beach Boys documentary The Beach Boys - An American Band.

  • The first video is for the album's classic opening song, "Wouldn't It Be Nice". At the beginning, you'll see Brian Wilson (the "fragile genius" and heart of the group) being interviewed in bed, a place he rarely left during the 1970s:

  • This video is accompanied by "That's Not Me". It features footage of Brian and his first wife, Marilyn (the inspiration for "Caroline No"), swimming in their Bel Air pool. "Joining" them for the swim are Banana (the beagle) and Looie, the dogs you can hear at the end of Pet Sounds:

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