May 8, 2006

McDonald's makeover

DISCLAIMER: This is in no way intended to be an endorsement of McDonald's or
any of their menu items. My interest is purely in the pop culture, architectural design aspect. They happen to have the best fries around, though.

Say goodbye to:
And hello to:
BusinessWeek has an interesting article, with accompanying pictures, about McDonald's first major design overhaul in more than thirty years.

This part of the new design (called "linger" zone) is intended to encourage customers to stay for a while. It will be equipped with Wi-Fi capability and will feature lounge seating with armchairs and sofas.

Yes, please allow me the capability of spending as much time as I can around things like this:

This is the "grab and go" zone, which will feature tall counters with barstools for customers who eat alone -- complete with plasma TVs to entertain them with news and weather reports.

Some franchisees are apparently protesting the expense of the overhaul. Hopefully a couple will resist.

via The Consumerist


Fuzzball said...

Aieeeeeee! The picture of that kid scared the hoo-hah out of me. Yikes.

Chris said...

I feel so sorry for those kids. Surely that's a form of child abuse. They'll be diabetic by the time they're teenagers.

Timinator2K7 said...

So you're a fan of McDonald's Golden Starches, eh? Me too, hoser!

Chris said...


Take off, eh!