May 19, 2006


Have you seen these? Back when I started this blog, the first few posts were scans of them. New visitors have probably not gone to the trouble (I wouldn't either) to look back a year ago in my "archives," so here:
I used to love C3PO. Many hours were spent drawing him and R2D2. It was painful to watch what happened to the character in the prequels.

Awesome. Best movie ever.

Is Darth Vader. Long before the prequels were on the table, by the way.

Somebody better tell Crunk and Disorderly this blog "cares about black people". Especially if they were in a Star Wars movie. I'm deeply offended every time I read that (wink wink).

This one's my favorite.

Superman main theme


jemison said...

Billy Dee Williams looks comfortable with either a blaster or a malt liquor in his hands. Dude could've scored with the Princess if he'd had more time.

Chris said...

He was a scoundrel, and you how it is with Leia and scoundrels.