May 31, 2006

"In My Room"

The Boys in their Pendletons. The guy in the lower center, right above "ACH" is David Marks, who was later replaced by Al Jardine.

"In My Room" came out in October 1963 and went to #6 on the American charts. I'm not sure what TV show they are performing this on (something in late '63 or early '64; the suits would suggest post-British Invasion, so, probably early '64), but before it begins, there's a few seconds of the interview done with Brian while he was in bed, circa 1979-ish.


Hemaworstje said...

Howdy , just discovered you as a virtual neighbour , normally when i see lovely links i borrow just one ,but now i have a severe anxiety to steal all your tubes links , the muzak is definately my taste .
a grand applause for your work !

Chris said...

hemaworstje, that's fine. The YouTube stuff is kind of "out there", whether you like it, or not.

Thanks for your complimentary words. Your blog is cool and unique!

Anonymous said...

Lived in Nac for 6 years - SFA grad class 99. I can understand why you are board. :-)