May 2, 2006

When Prince was king (was Under the Cherry Moon Prince's Magical Mystery Tour?)

The film Under the Cherry Moon, and the accompanying soundtrack, Parade, were released in 1986. From a musical standpoint, Parade could very well be the high water mark of Prince's career--artistically, creatively, and critically. He was nearing the height of his powers. Parade was certainly the last gasp of the Revolution, to be officially replaced with the New Power Generation by 1991's Diamonds and Pearls. An obvious standout from the soundtrack was the single "Mountains". Here's the music video:

single sleeve

Prince's Magical Mystery Tour?

It certainly wasn't a sequel to Purple Rain (Prince's A Hard Day's Night). But more on that, later. As soon as I can force myself to complete the American Psycho recap, I'm doing Under the Cherry Moon.

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