May 9, 2006

American Psycho, part sex, er, six

I try to keep these short and simple (no more than 30-40 screencaps). I know people have better things to do than to endlessly scroll down these posts. And I'd hoped this would be the last American Psycho post, so I can move on to other things. This was originally a sixty-one screencap recap until I cut it in half. Basically, there will be two more parts because, even with sixty-one screencaps, about twenty more minutes of movie were left to cover (I can't do it half-assed. Even if nobody ever saw these, a distinct possiblity).

Meanwhile, back at the office...
Patrick has a follow-up visit from Detective Kimball, who has more questions about the disappearance of Paul Allen.

Because they both are spent from a long day, Bateman agrees to meet Kimball for dinner, later in the week.

Before he leaves, Kimball pulls out Fore! (coincidentally the "soundtrack" to Paul Allen's murder), and asks Bateman if he's into it.

Later, Patrick hits the clubs...

Patrick: Ask me a question.
Bimbo #2: What do you do?
Patrick: I'm into murders and executions, mostly.
Bimbo #3: Most guys I know who are in mergers and aquisitions hate it.
The next day, Patrick plays with a souvenir.

Batman's crossword answers reflect that with which he is preoccupied.

Bateman invites his sweet secretary, Jean, out to dinner.

As they discuss each other's love life, or lack thereof, Patrick lingers in the kitchen, possibly to do an inventory.

Head in the fridge? Check.

Sharp pearing knives in the drawer? Check.

Butcher knives firmly placed on knife holder?? Check.

Rolls and rolls of duct tape? Check (possibly preparing for a terrorist attack should we ever reach "orange"...).

Did you know Ted Bundy's first dog, a collie, was named Lassie?

And at that very moment, Bateman's phone rings. They sit and listen to the machine record a message from Patricks's fiance. Jean is a lucky girl. Patrick tells her she'd better leave, because "I may not be able to control myself".

Do you want me to go?

If you stay, something bad may happen...I think I might hurt you. (Because of their small talk focusing on relationships, Jean would think he means emotionally)

I don't want to get bruised.

It's called "a close call".

Two more, and the next one is Bloody (that's bloody with a capital "b").
It involves something I've never been able to pull off--running around my apartment complex, naked, dripping with blood, while cranking up a chainsaw. Only Psychoman could get away with that!


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