December 2, 2009

Impressions: Carlsbad, New Mexico

north "y" drive-in

Hello, my little lovely:
north "y" drive-in old neon signcortez famous mexican food restaurant
cortez famous mexican food neon sign

Saving the best for last, a Streamline/Art Deco, former car showroom:
streamline car dealership in carlsbad, new mexico
streamline car dealership in carlsbad, new mexico
car dealership tower


Retro Hound said...

That car showroom is super cool!

Amy said...

My parents were in Carlsbad in Nov. but somehow my dad said he missed that car dealership, which is a shame because it's 100% Deco-goodness.

Chris said...

It is cool, Retro Hound. I literally did a double take as we drove by.

Hi Amy - it's right on the major thoroughfare going through Carlsbad, US-285. Isn't that fantastic?! You don't see those every day.