December 15, 2009

Gulf Coast Deco X

All of the following were photographed on a gray, drizzly morning in Houston.

peden co. building
Peden Co. Building, c. 1929

peden co. building
I realized later I'd gotten the completely "wrong" angle. I'll try again next time.
peden co. building

minimax store no. 1
Minimax Store No. 1, c. 1930 (if you're curious, here is No. 2.)

minimax store no. 1

sears, roebuck & co.
Sears, Roebuck & Co., c. 1930 (look at what this once was!)

cameron iron works
Cameron Iron Works, c. 1935

cameron iron works

tower theater
Tower Theater, c. 1936


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    Claudia said...

    I remember passing the SEARS on my way to work when I rode the rail to my office in DT Houston. I had no idea it used to be so nice. I think I saw mostly homeless hanging out front in the wee early hours. So Rice owns it, damn Owls. Then again, their daycare accepted my daughter so I can't hate on them too much.

    Nice pics, got the grey/foggy Houston weather down perfect. I actually miss the big city, damn see what you started!

    Chris said...

    There were tons of homeless milling about as I took those pictures. I took the shots of the SEARS pretty quickly so they wouldn't have time to notice me. They were all hanging around the Metro bus station (which would have been behind me as I took the picture), the expansion of which threatens the SEARS. Congrads on your daughter's being accepted to the Rice daycare. I guess that's a fast track to actually attending someday...

    You know, once you get off of the highways/freeways, I actually like Houston quite a bit. Having a GPS makes a big difference.