December 9, 2009

"Century's End"

I just Netflixed what was at one time a favorite movie of mine, Bright Lights, Big City, but is in hindsight probably a better book. While the appeal of the movie has considerably faded for me, the soundtrack has sort of held up. In addition to a couple of what were no doubt NYC club scene mainstays around the time (mid-80s) the events of the film take place, "Pump Up The Volume" and "True Faith," there is a rather obscure Prince tune from his "mysterious" Crystal Ball album and Bryan Ferry's "Kiss and Tell." But for me, the real stand out is Donald Fagen's "Century's End." Sounding like an outtake from one of my favorite albums of all time, his 1982 masterpiece, The Nightfly, hearing "Century's End" is like seeing an old friend again.


Anonymous said...

I had Morph the Cat pop up on my ipod the other day and realized it's got a lot of SD flavor to it. Worth a second listen. "What I Do" jingled in my head for several days...jemison

Chris said...

I've never heard of Morph the Cat! I see that along with Kamakiriad, the three albums together are now considered to be "The Nightfly Trilogy."