December 22, 2009

Red Dead Redemption

Well, I know one thing I'll be doing in April. I love the Grand Theft Auto videogame series, and have ever since the franchise jumped onto the Playstation platform back in October 2001. I was hooked at that point on, so like most GTA junkies, I endured the unspeakable two years between my favorite of the series, Vice City (2002) and the epic, massive, overwhelming reworking of the series, San Andreas (2004), by getting my fix playing the inermim games from the GTA series' creator, Rockstar Games, including the ultra-violent and gory Manhunt (which was just too creepy and unpleasant to really enjoy) in 2003 and the Western-themed Red Dead Revolver in spring 2004. One could see back in 2004 how Rockstar was attempting to put a Sergio Leone Western-style template on its Grand Theft Auto game engine and by then legendary and revolutionary "sandbox" approach to game play with Red Dead Revolver. But it, like Manhunt, felt more to me as if Rockstar games was simply experimenting with things like new weapon targeting systems, game play mechanics and physics, as well as the A.I. of non-player characters in the game. Therefore, both games, in my humble onion, suffered as a result. While interesting in each, its own unique way, both games fell flat when compared with any Grand Theft Auto game. So I was amazed to learn Rockstar had tried again with the Western genre and will release Red Dead Redemption in the spring of 2010. It looks like it'll be fairly amazing:

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