February 20, 2010

ghost sign

ghost sign — a faded, painted sign, at least 50 years old, on an exterior building wall heralding an obsolete product, an outdated trademark or a clue to the history of the building's occupancy.

wrigley's ghost in bartlett
Bartlett, Texas

firestone ghost sign in lyons, texas
Lyons, Texas

dave lebowitz dry goods ghost in waco
Waco, Texas

capadura ghost
Houston, Texas

morley bros. ghost
Austin, Texas, building was built in 1871

coca-cola ghost in yoakum
Yoakum, Texas

smith's bile beans ghost sign
Corsicana, Texas...bile beans??

One of my favorites:
battle ax plug tobacco ghost
Luling, Texas

marlin ghost sign
Marlin, Texas

angled look at red river candy co. ghost
Alexandria, Louisiana

grand saline "bull" durham ghost
Grand Saline, Texas

This is one in my hometown of Galveston that "appeared" suddenly after a car wash was torn down. Another favorite:
triple x ginger ale ghost

star tobacco ghost in elgin
Elgin, Texas

flatonia coca-cola ghost sign
Flatonia, Texas


Anonymous said...

Wheres the signs from Nacogdoches? I have to say, thats my favorite thing about old buildings...trying to figure out what they were in their glory days.

Gunnar and Sherry said...

These are wonderful. Love them all!

Chris said...

Scatterbrain K - surprisingly, there aren't many in Nac. Here are the only two I've found:

Firestone in Nac and ghost on the Weeks Bldg.

Thanks, guys!

Anonymous said...
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