February 15, 2010

"'S Wonderful"

I had no idea Elvis' wife had done something with Claus Ogerman. But of course I don't know much about her. I've heard the groovy version of "'S Wonderful" off of The Look of Love (2001) a few times,
but I hadn't known Ogerman did the arrangment. And I'd be a lot more interested in the latest album, if I hadn't heard every single song on it done (more than once in some cases with Sinatra) by the likes of Sinatra and/or Ella Fitzgerald! Also, it would seem as if people find it difficult to spell out "'S Wonderful." See, anytime one drops a letter from a word, the missing letter(s) is represented with an apostrophe. Hence, It's becomes simply 'S. See? 'S easy!

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