February 22, 2010

The Rolling Stones "Make-Up Clip"

"Jumping Jack Flash" may be my all time favorite Rolling Stones tune, other than "Monkey Man" or "Brown Sugar." 1968 was the year the Stones really came into their own as a rock and roll entity to match, and even surpass, The Beatles. Here they are seen pretty much abandoning the group's trend-following foray into psychedelia of the previous year, getting back to a more basic rock and roll sound. I've always wondered if it wasn't stuff like this from the Stones that inspired Paul McCartney to think of "Get Back" as an album concept for the splintered and splintering Beatles at the beginning of 1969. This is a version of "Jumping Jack Flash" I've not heard. The new vocal background parts are really cool. This is called "Jumping Jack Flash (Make-Up Clip)" for a reason:

Bill Wyman

Charlie Watts looks simply lovely, obviously inspired by Elizabeth Taylor's Cleopatra:

Brian Jones was phoning it in from outer space by this point and did in fact appear to be a space alien.


And of course Mick, ready to go to war:

Ladies and gentlemen, the Rolling Stones:


Analytic Approach to Style said...

brian jones looks like an oompa loompa here, doesn't he? my favorite is mick jagger, sounds weird but this makeup really complemented his features.

Chris said...

I just think "lizard" when I see Brian. Gold lipstick? Bizarre. Jagger does look cool, with his Indian war paint.