June 3, 2006

Under the Cherry Moon

See it

Hear it

Feel it

Live it

(See, hear, feel, live what? You ask?)


in his new motion picture,
Under the Cherry Moon

Feel the beat

Feel the heat


The 1986 trailer made it look kind of exciting, possibly a worthy follow-up to Purple Rain.

And to think there was ever any "controversy" over his sexual orientation. And what's up with the flower petals, Jerome?

That scene does sort of call to mind another bathtub scene in a movie Purple Rain is often compared to, a film described as being the Citizen Kane of rock films:

Filmed in color, released in black and white, directed by Prince after original director Mary Lambert was fired, by Prince, before shooting due to "creative differences", Under the Cherry Moon isn't the greatest movie ever made. But it did produce a great soundtrack. I think Parade is the creative peak of Prince's experimental and psychedelic period (the phase I like the most). It has a real Magical Mystery Tour vibe going on, and that's good and bad--good music, bad (good lord!) movie. Oh, and for some strange reason, somebody made this quiz.

"Under the Cherry Moon"


Dana said...

I love your choice of pictures with Prince - clearly - doing what Prince does best. You got to love a man who cares so much about his appereance.

Chris said...

A man who cares enough about his appearance to apply a liberal helping of mascara.

Unknown said...